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Yaupon is a native holly tree that grows wild in North America. Yaupon is most abundant in southeastern parts of the United States. Yaupon is the only known caffeinated plant in North America. Native Americans drank Yaupon as a daily coffee and also used it for ceremonial uses.

Yaupon gives a jitter-free buzz and is full of antioxidants that are comparable to blueberries and green tea. Yaupon contains theobromine, which has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect and has been known to lower blood pressure. It also boasts beneficial levels of ursolic acid, which is known to preserve and build skeletal mass, assist in stabilizing blood sugar, and promote mitochondria-rich brown fat for increased energy expenditure. Yaupon Tea is a beverage and is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical conditions.

We forage for our Yaupon off the coasts of Virginia Beach. in the wild, where the Yaupon trees have been untouched by any chemicals or pesticides. We bring the leaves back to Richmond VA to clean and roast. Yaupon holly is a thriving invasive species. It provides a more local and sustainable source for caffeine that eliminates the reliance on imports, mono-cropping, and unethical labor practices required for the mass production of many popular coffees and teas. It’s a hardy evergreen that can be harvested year round.

We are also propagating and planting trees on our farm in hopes to have a beautiful tea grove in the next few years.

Harvesting Yaupon

Herbal Teas

We grow and process our own herbal teas. The great thing about drinking locally grown and harvested herbal tea is the freshness. The flavors of the herbs are stronger and as a consumer you know where your tea comes from. We grow our herbs in the same manner as our vegetables. We minimally till, we rely on good compost to feed our plants, and we never use synthetic pesticides or fungicides.

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